Movie Review : Transformers

kemaren gue ke Citos. nonton transformer sama yudi aldi and aldi’sis and her sis bf.when the movies began, i was mad to my yudi for being such an asshole. huhuhuhu actually i was jealous for someone that he adore there. but offcourse i didnt use the excuses (where’s my pride heey ;p)

anyway, though i did sleep in the early show but the movies are cool enough.
for those who love 3D, it might will satisfied them regarding that all the seats are verry full.

in my opinion Transformers are not about Robots but about America as the super power country. its about how america have great buildings that even a robot with a hundred feet talls still have to crawl against the buildings wall, it was shown when the megatron are fought and wanted to steal the cube from (ooooooh i forgot names!)

there’s america with his power able to contact all the president all around the world to fight together against robots. how the robots killed with thousands bullet from US air force and how big the courages of american soldier or how this movies describes that america asociated with technology and how america have great human resorces.

for me, this movies is crab. its probably because i didnt like any robots or 3d kind of movie. i also didnt like the story and and the actor and the fighting scene etc. i just didnt like it.

even i admitted that only america that can provide for this kind of movies with great effects of 3d. no wonder all theaters minimum provides 2 studios for Transformers.



One thought on “Movie Review : Transformers

  1. You’re not finding Transformers brilliant and/or amusing prolly cos you didn’t grew up with them.

    Transformers was the greatest old skool cartoon back then. And this movie really brought back the memories. The producer and director did a good job in transforming them into real-life characters.

    That’s why most people, including myself, consider it amazing.

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