Arrived at 3.30PM. so excited that we come earlier.ingkan was wearing grey shorts with backless tops and gold flat shoes and a litte necklace. In the other hand, yudi also wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandal. He is more casual than me. It because we know that the outdoor area where the event was held. Did we say that We actually excited? hihi we bought the tickets a month before.

The first thing we do after we arrive are find the food booth and try their various menu. Not very expensive but deliciously good.J.co, dairy queen, daily bread, dcreps and quicky was there and many more.

After one hour hanging on food booth, we decided to start watch the bands. And our first band is Galaxy band. They are amazing and very cool. The band are using many saxophone and trumpet and really catch most of the audience on daylight. After that, we met a couple friends of our and had some pictures.

Planning to watch Monday Michiru from the first day, we were not expected that they will play songs which we didn’t know at all huuhuuu. Well we quite sleepy and boring even though they performed very well. But I just not into it since ‘the make me wanna’ song that I had waiting for, not being sing.ooohh sad sad sad sad. But it directly over after we watch Balawan performance. I admitted that he is that genius in music. He played 2 gitars and brought a classic song such beethoven [dunno the song yet] and being accompanied by a violin, bass and a drum player that as genius as him.

We was very tired and not have the verve anymore. Then we continued to yudi’s mom house at matraman regarding that the car will arrive there. We decided to take busway. Romantic and cute hihihihi. at the end we stop at manggarai bus stop and the bus stop almost close oooohh. We sit by our self and the room quite dark. We had cold feet since the place are scary and not save for us but luckily dika pick me up. Happy!

So tired. We have to many walks today but we were so happy. Love him.


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