I’ve Been Tagged!

gonna be few posts soon, in the mean time here we go..let’s play tag

I’m passionate about…
Starting my own company of furniture and exporting them
Having my own house by KPR
Moving to the next level with him ;p (it means get married soon)

Mostly I say…
“ketemuan yuu”

I’ve just finished reading
Corporate Confidential: 50 secrets your company doesn’t want you to know—and what to do about them

Ngobrolin Iklan yuk by budiman hakim

What they dont teach you at Harvard Bisnis School

InsyaAllah before I die, I want to…
successful and being wealthy.
having an education foundation by my own

Make my family happy
I love listening to…
Earthwind and fire, Anita Baker, janet Jackson, franks Sinatra, and Fatima Rainey

What my friends like about me…
caring and nice to everyone
Suppport them in anything

Last year I’ve learned…

Always keep every one happy, you never know what goes tomorrow!


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