My MOST Anticipated Movies 2011 {January to April 2011}

1.No Strings Attached

I heard its the most romantic movie in early of 2011.yikes! 😀 better in DVD for the unrated version…besides I love all of ashton kutcher movie. he has a unique character! *gonna watch it this weekend*

via Flick Magazine

via Hollywood News

2. The Roommate

I love Leeighton Meester in Gossip Girl and curius about her acting in other movie. I hope she shows some improvement.


via Movie Insider

3. Waiting for Forever

I love Rachel Bilson. End of Story!

via movie insider


4.  Just Go with It

is it gonna be like 50 First Date era? then i’m surely gonna watch it!


via Movie Insider

5. Water for Elephants

here’s why : Robert Pattinsson :p

via Movie Insider


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