10 Fun Facts about The Social Network

1. Justin Timberlake, who plays Sean Parker, was the only actor that was able to meet his real-life character.
2. Not a single Facebook employee, including the founders, was involved with this movie.
3. Jesse Eisenberg’s cousin was a Facebook product designer.
4. A year prior to the release of this film, Jesse Eisenberg’s character in Zombieland (2009) stated the best thing he liked about Z-Land was there were no Facebook status updates.
5. Even though the story mostly takes place at Harvard, it was not filmed there. Harvard has not allowed any filming since Love Story (1970) was shot there and caused significant damage to the campus.
6.Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield became good friends during filming. According to Eisenberg, the dramatic rivalry between their characters was hard for the two because it affected them emotionally.
7. The first scene, in which Zuckerberg’s girlfriend (played by Rooney Mara) breaks up with him, took 99 takes to finish.
8. Even though Zuckerberg is against the film, he still allows the movie to have a Facebook fan page.
9. Natalie Portman, a Harvard student during the time of Facebook’s creation, gave writer Aaron Sorkin some insider information about how things really happened on campus. Sorkin thanked her by referencing her in a scene.
10. Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, this is why Facebook is blue. Okay, so that’s not about the movie, but I still find it interesting.

via TheStir.Cafemom


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