Woman in a mirror

Earlier this week, i had a conversation with hubby about my plans for my upcoming birthday. I told him I want this and that, probably a romantic dinner or treat our close friends would be such a good idea and the list keeps continues. Until last night.. the 3 of us (hubby,sissy and me) spontaneously … Continue reading Woman in a mirror


Rekomendasi Dokter Obgyn Jakarta

gue mau review obgyn, kebetulan kemaren sempet pindah2 obgyn bedua sama adek gue sbb : Dr. D. Pr*bandini (Brawijaya,Puri Cinere) gue kurang suka sama dokternya, ini sebenernya dokternya adek gue yang tahun lalu didiagnosa myoma. tapi cukup ramah, analisanya ga bagus2 amat..krn adek gue didiagnosa myoma yg ternyata bukan di tahun 2012. tapi ga bisa … Continue reading Rekomendasi Dokter Obgyn Jakarta